Investment Process

Selecting the right investment partner is paramount for start-ups; and so it is for FSI. Our assessment and selection processes are straightforward. We strongly believe that our start-up companies must share our values, goals and vision. We nurture our relationship with our teams by favoring dialogues instead of documentation.

We do not require you to have a perfect and complete business plan in order to engage in a discussion with us. We seek strong teams that ultimately execute business plans.

It is no compulsory providing FSI a fully fledged business plan prior engaging any discussions. Nevertheless, you must be able to address with clarity these issues:

  • What is the real, significant and unmet need, problem or issue that you solve?
  • What tangible evidence suggests that such need exist and that must be addressed?
  • If the problem is significant, why was it not tackled by the current players?
  • What is the solution? Do you have use cases?
  • What are your competitive advantages? How will you preserve it?
  • How do you plan to develop and deploy the technology and corresponding product?
  • Is it a pain killer or a nice to have?
  • Is it a large or niche market?
  • What is the pedigree of your favorite customer?
  • What are the revenue model, the pricing, the average account size and/or lifetime value, the sales & distribution model, the pedigree of your favorite customer?
  • When will have a product you can sell?
  • What are the risks facing the business? How serious are those?

After the first review of your candidacy files and credentials, the exchange of thoughts and expectations, and having found an agreement on the broad terms of your relationship, you may be asked to formally pitch your venture to the Board of Directors. When FSI is keen to invest in you venture, then it triggers a formal and thorough due diligence phase. Generally, this process spans over a couple months pending the nature, the complexity and the structure of the project.

FSI often sits on the board of the companies it has invested. We are smart money and we are keen to leverage our broad network to help you develop and strengthen your company.

We also strongly recommend you seeking for assistance, guidance and coaching that is available at Fongit, CTI Start Up and among other Swiss support institutions.

If you envisage submitting your business plan, please ensure that the above listed items are addressed accordingly.