About Us

Fongit Seed Invest (FSI) is a Geneva, Switzerland, based Seed-Money Fund. Through its fund, FSI provides equity financing of up to 500kCHF to technology companies seeking start-up capital. FSI may also act as a lead-investor and bring in additional seed-money through its network of partners.

We are a public limited company whose founding members are either companies or institutional foundations. The high-tech business incubator Fongit (The Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation) is our major shareholder and primary partner.  Pension Funds and private contributors complement the pool of committed contributors.

Since its inception, FSI has invested in several startup companies and has achieved multiple successful exits. Our objectives are twofold: (i) seek for high return on investment for both the entrepreneur and its shareholders and (ii) instigate high-value jobs in Switzerland through our investments and long lasting commitment.