Viroblock SA is a start up focused on developing and out-licensing anti-viral products.  Our core technology uses catalytic vesicles to inactivate a broad spectrum of enveloped viruses such as human and avian influenzas, SARS, HIV, Ebola, Marburg and Smallpox viruses.  In-vitro and in-vivo testing on model systems has validated the technology and the company is now focused on developing a pre-impregnated anti-viral mask for launch in 2012. The venture is supported by CTI Start-up and FONGIT.

Viroblock’s catalytic vesicles can be formulated into gels, creams, and sprays or coated onto fabrics. The first commercial product will be an antiviral mask offering viral kill on pass through air. This product has use in a wide variety of Healthcare, Public Health, Homeland Security, Biodefense and Veterinary situations. Revenue streams will be generated via licenses and royalties.

The spectrum and fast acting anti-viral technology offers the possibility to make unique viral kill claims on pass through air (mask product). Flexible and robust technology offering multiple product executions – masks, air filtration products, anti-viral fabrics, nasal sprays, vaginal gels, and so forth.