Today’s information is highly complex and unstructured: emails, contracts, publications, word/pdf documents. Most systems struggle to understand the context because of keyword limitations. As such, professionals are facing problems when trying to search, access and organize this maze of information.

salsaDev understands information in a similar way as humans, based on their actual concept(s) – far outpacing keyword restricted systems. After indexing, salsaDev provides a complete set of functionalities, including enterprise search, automatic categorization, information access and semantic lifting. See below for more details.

Developed from advanced research at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY), the salsaDev technology significantly improves the way people find information, by providing software that reads and understands various sources of documents (from structured to fully unstructured raw information).

This groundbreaking technology, developed by acknowledged experts, combines Language Acquisition techniques and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to form a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece of textual information. The technology is inspired from vector-based computation and statistical analysis.

The salsaDev difference is in our ability to mathematically convert data into a concise conceptual semantic form, and thus swiftly provide highly pertinent related results which are often not visible in the mounds of data with traditional researching techniques.