ZMS is the next generation mobile messaging. It’s smarter than SMS and cheaper than MMS.

“As much as we appreciate the simplicity of SMS and the richness of MMS, we thought we could offer much more and help consumers to easily engage, surprise, inform friends and others in the right place, at the right time.

As the new and interactive mobile messaging platform, inZair allows anyone with a smartphone to freely send and receive ZMS, known as smart multimedia messages, using the benefit of geo-localisation and time, based on strong geo-location integration and full respect of consumer privacy.

In a nutshell, ZMS is free, smart, easy and interactive – it works with people’s mobile address book and allows them to use their mobile wifi or their existing mobile data connection to share text, audio, pictures video and even location, with one person or more and at no extra cost. It also enables users to drop a message to someone on a map in a specific location or schedule it at a specific time.

ZMS is being used in people’s daily life for a wide range of activities, including:

  • Sharing text, photo, audio, video content from your phone in real-time
  • As a reminder for your girlfriend’s birthday
  • Sharing location to reassure a close one
  • Finding a a friend at a crowded concert
  • Surprising a loved one with a geo-localised ZMS message
  • Sharing and organizing dinner plans with a group of friends
  • Discovering new things around you and meet new people with similar interests, in real-time

InZair also enables businesses and brands to engage people in a very effective and targeted way. inZair was founded in 2010 and has offices at Fongit. Come and visit.

ZMS is currently available on the App store and will soon be available on the Android platform.