Based in Geneva, Switzerland, with roughly 150 employees and manufacturing facilities in two Swiss locations, Anteis distributes products to over 95 countries worldwide. The company has grown strongly since its establishment in 2003, and has a robust pipeline of products and technologies. It holds numerous patents and has over solid pipeline of new products in development or awaiting clinical trials.  Its vision is to offer life-changing solutions to meet the needs of doctors and their patients worldwide. It is committed to investing in constant improvement and innovation, and is dedicated to being a reliable partner for doctors and their patients by providing the best possible products, supported by state-of-the-art injection systems and superior training and information.

Anteis is a company focused on innovation, which drives its strong growth and hence devotes a substantial share of its revenue to R&D (equivalent to 11% in 2011). The Research and Development department brings together a multidisciplinary team made up of chemists, biochemists and physicists working in numerous laboratories focused on: chemical transformation and formulation of biopolymers, physical-chemical and microbiological characterization of prototypes, optimization of manufacturing processes, and design and improvement of injection devices.

Since 2005, Anteis has been constantly developing and launching products for the aesthetic dermatology market and it founded, in 2007, its own academy (InjectNow Academy) that enables practitioners, whatever their profile, unique opportunities to improve their level of expertise. Anteis has developed four totally complementary product ranges that permit practitioners to smooth, fill, model and rehydrate the dermis to perfection.

In 2007, the Anteis group created its Ophthalmology department, focusing on applications and devices designed to meet the requirements of this medical-surgical speciality. The Anteis policy is twofold: (i) developing viscoelastic products (OVD) adapted to different eye surgery programs and (ii) designing devices capable of treating major pathologies of the eye’s anterior segment. In the beginning of next year, Anteis will launch a drainage viscoelsatic injectable implant, presented in a glass syringe, indicated as an adjuvant during perforating and non-perforating glaucoma surgery.

It new flag product, Synolis V-A, is an innovative, new-generation treatment for osteoarthritis that provides rapid pain relief. The treatment consists of 3 injections administered over 3 weeks. It shows excellent safety and tolerability. Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is a painful and potentially immobilizing condition caused by the degeneration and loss of cartilage in one or more joints.