Fongit Seed Invest

Fongit Seed Invest (FSI) is the leading Seed Money Fund of Switzerland for young technology companies. It provides smart seed capital and it actively assists entrepreneurs to foster, expand and strengthen their venture by leveraging its strong network of partners and experts. FSI focuses in ventures having disruptive, proprietary and patented (or patentable) enabling technologies and solely invests in fully committed teams capable of delivering rapidly unique and innovative products and technology based solutions. FSI acts either as a lead investor or co-investor and its linkages with venture capitalists, business angels, and institutional funds makes it often instrumental in raising additional capital in successive investment rounds.

What we look for

Selecting the right investment partner is key for a start-up; and so it is for us. Team DNA is crucial as its commitment and agility to growing a thriving business. The classics: clarity of purpose, disruptive technology, the product, large markets and bullet proof business models.

Selection Process

We believe that values, visions and objectives of start-up companies and FSI have to match and be aligned . Overall, the selection procedure lasts a couple of months and elected ventures present their credentials to the investment board. A thorough due diligence then follows. More [...]

Investment Sectors

FSI invests between 50-500k CHF in start-ups across the cleantech, healthcare and medtech services, internet, mobile, and technology industries. We like to sit on the board of companies in which we invest. We encourage coaching and incubation provided by our partners.

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